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Original 8"x6" Oil Paintings on Canvas from the Houses Series. Each of these small works normally retails for $600 (Gallery Price). For a very limited time I'm offering them for just $250. There are only 10 available at this price and it won't last long. These will make a perfect original Holiday gift! 

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Houses Series - Painting

1714 Homewood Drive, 2015, Oil on Canvas, 8”x6"

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Image of the Week, 5-02-14

Fridays Image of the Week - a painting from the new series of work titled Houses. I started this body of work with the idea that I would work purely from imagination and memories of houses that have been of importance to me throughout my life. Places I have lived, family and friends homes and even places I have admired but have no relation to. They are not meant to be literal interpretations of the actual houses but more of a visual note of the memories and feelings I have of these places. These paintings are also studies of form and composition. Through the use of a very limited palette for each of the works, I am able to play with the subtleties that can be created with just a couple of hues in relation to one another. Typically each painting consists of only 2-3 hues from a certain color family ( example a warm blue and a cool blue ) along with black and white to create tints and shades.

Also, a BIG Thank You to everyone who participated in the ScaneLife Bday Celebration - I hope you are enjoying your new works. Have a great weekend!

Painting from the  House  series.

Painting from the House series.

Image of the Week, 3-28-14

Following up on Wednesdays image, here is one of the first paintings from my Donkey seriesThis series was started in 1996 after I had lived for a short time in Puerto Rico. I originally started this body of work with what would later become the Wall series in mind. These works feature the downtrodden and lowly donkey. Not an animal one considers grandiose such as a horse or lion, tiger or bear but mearly a simple ass. Yet without this beast of burden working alongside humans for nearly five thousands years, humanity would be a much different thing. The first donkey caravans laid the groundwork for todays globalization and were the first highways and "internet" of it's day, spreading goods, ideas and cultural exchanges to the civilizations they connected.

Donkey, 1996, oil on canvas, 28"x22"

Donkey, 1996, oil on canvas, 28"x22"

Image of the Week, 03-19-14

Todays image is of a small landscape painting I did titled - Sunrise over Sandbar, Bolsa Chica. This small oil on canvas is 6"x8" and was started as a limited palette study of Sap Green ( a warm green ) and Viridian Green ( a cool green ) with Ivory Black and Titanium White. This combination allowed me to work with both value and temperature on this painting while remaining monotone. 

Sunrise over Sandbar, Bolsa Chica

Sunrise over Sandbar, Bolsa Chica