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Image of the Week, 5-02-14

Fridays Image of the Week - a painting from the new series of work titled Houses. I started this body of work with the idea that I would work purely from imagination and memories of houses that have been of importance to me throughout my life. Places I have lived, family and friends homes and even places I have admired but have no relation to. They are not meant to be literal interpretations of the actual houses but more of a visual note of the memories and feelings I have of these places. These paintings are also studies of form and composition. Through the use of a very limited palette for each of the works, I am able to play with the subtleties that can be created with just a couple of hues in relation to one another. Typically each painting consists of only 2-3 hues from a certain color family ( example a warm blue and a cool blue ) along with black and white to create tints and shades.

Also, a BIG Thank You to everyone who participated in the ScaneLife Bday Celebration - I hope you are enjoying your new works. Have a great weekend!

Painting from the  House  series.

Painting from the House series.