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Image of the Week, 3-21-14

Here's a little flashback for this Fridays image of the week. This dining set was commissioned and started in 1997 and finally completed in 2004 with the completion of the two end chairs. The set ( not all shown in this picture ) consists of the dining table, 6 side chairs, 2 end chairs, a small serving table and the china/silverware cabinet. It is made of solid Cuban Mahogany ( Swietenia mahagoni ) and Quilted Mahogany. The Cuban Mahogany is very rare but this Quilted Mahogany, commonly known as "The Tree" is so rare that all known stock is believed to be from one single tree felled in 1965 in the Chiquibul jungle of Belize. The dwindling stock that remains worldwide of this wood is in high demand and can fetch over $1000 dollars a board foot!

BTW, This commission was my first real furniture making project and I started it without even having a shop or proper tools... what was I thinking? - talk about being thrown into the fire.

Cuban & Quilted Mahogany Dining Set.

Cuban & Quilted Mahogany Dining Set.